"DNR" militants continue to frighten the OSCE patrol with the threat of a terrorist attack in a crowded resort near Novoazovsk 08/08/2018 12:48:11. Total views 1019. Views today — 1.

The "DNR" militants have explained another denial of passage to the OSCE SMM patrol through a checkpoint near Novoazovsk by some anti-terrorist operation in the resort zone. This is stated in the daily review of the Mission.

It is noted that "three armed members of the armed formations again prevented the SMM from passing through a checkpoint near Novoazovsk (non-government-controlled, 102km south-east of Donetsk), referring to "carrying out anti-terrorist operation" in this area".

As previously reported, the terrorists of the "DNR" turned Siedove settlement and Novoazovsk city into a closed zone. Arrival of tourists is carried out after careful examination. The OSCE SMM patrol never got permission to survey the area. One of the "DNR" leaders Denis Pushilin explained such actions of the occupation authorities as a constant terrorist threat in the resort zone.

"The influx of people is tremendous, as well as possibilities for conducting acts of sabotage and other provocations. That is why we cannot guarantee security for the Mission's representatives in these areas, since we do not exclude such diversions that could lead to tragic consequences", - Mr. Pusilin said without specifying how the local residents and vacationers live under such conditions.