"DNR" holds more than 500 Russians who fought "for the republic" 08/01/2018 15:47:05. Total views 1022. Views today — 1.

The "DNR" currently holds more than 500 Russians who fought "for the republic". This was reported by Russian Novaya Gazeta with reference to the "Union of Donbass Volunteers" terrorist organization.

"Some of the volunteers were "detained" because they were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, crossed the road to one of the local superiors or became unnecessary witnesses. For example, in 2014, on the official instruction of the Ministry for State Security, a unit of Alexey's comrade-in-arms was sent to bank to seize values. It was found out on the spot that tens of millions of hryvnias are stored in safe-deposit boxes. Then, this cash disappeared somewhere, and everyone who was aware of the situation was "detained", - the story of one of the Russians who managed to return in Russia tells.

"No one can name the exact number of citizens of the Russian Federation that are currently held in captivity in the "DNR". According to one of the officers of the republic who asked not to be named, officially, more than 480 Russians were arrested over four years. There even were such fantastic accusations as espionage in favor of Russia", - the report said.

"According to the international laws, any pro-Russian fighter can be considered a criminal", - one of the officers of the "DNR" corps "DNR" reasons. - From spring to autumn of 2014, we had complete chaos, field commanders commandeered any car and other property for the front's needs, and often, just for themselves. They gave receipts drawn on their knees at best. Battalion commanders taxed all the commercial structures in the territory under their control - from stalls and hairdressing saloons to mines and metallurgical plants. Hundreds of thousands of refugees left, having left houses and apartments. Pro-Russian fighters who needed to live somewhere settled there. A total disorder was with weapons. Even IFVs were sold and bought", - the publication said.

It is reported that "it is particularly difficult for Russians to be in the Donetsk prisons and colonies, since most local people receive parcels, what helps to survive in terrible conditions of correctional facilities". "There are cases of bloody conflicts between the "pro-Russian fighters", "tough guys" and "thieves under the code", sitting since Ukrainian times", - Novaya Gazeta reports.

"They are trying to present each and all as criminals", - says Yelena, relative of one of the Russians, who has been in the Donetsk pretrial detention facility for several years.

At the same time, it is specified that the source in the "Union of Donbass Volunteers" (more than 10 thousand Russians went to fight through the UDV) claims that more than 500 people are currently being held in the "DNR" captivity.

"The authorities of Russia undertake no actions for the liberation of our citizens, the interlocutor in the UDV explains. - They are beyond the law. As soon as these guys crossed the border, they went down the dumper".

Relatives of the Russians send complaints to the MFA with a request to help. In response, they are informed that if these people were arrested in Ukraine, then Russia would render consular assistance. And in the case of the "DNR", this is not possible.

"These people are not needed in Russia! The topic of Donbass has artificially blocked for several years. And the "heroes" who arrived with real combat experience and know "how it really was" are a breeding ground for the criminality and protest moods.

The "DNR" authorities are given an unspoken order to hold everyone possible. Up to the life term. These guys should either perish in the Donbass, or, going "to Wagner", quietly disappear in Syria", - the report said.

As it was reported, the Moscow headquarters of the "Union of Donbass Volunteers" terrorist organization, engaged in the training of mercenaries for the war in the east of Ukraine, moved to a new office and resumed its work.