"Union of Donbass Volunteers" resumed its work in Moscow 07/31/2018 11:49:03. Total views 1093. Views today — 0.

The Moscow headquarters of the terrorist organization "Union of Donbass Volunteers", engaged in the training of mercenaries for the war in the east of Ukraine, moved to a new office and resumed its work. This is stated in the message on the organization's website.

In June 2018, information appeared that searches had been conducted in the Moscow office of the terrorist "Union of Donbass Volunteers" headed by Alexander Boroday. The Russian law enforcers allegedly seized all the office equipment and the archives. The organization's website stopped working.

The UDV did not confirm this information, saying that the operation of their website and office was stopped "in connection with the reorganization". "Due to the assignment of new tasks, the Union of Donbass Volunteers is reorganizing and is moving to a new, more spacious headquarters. We will work remotely, in light-duty mode, until September", - the terrorists said.

The last message of the UDV makes it clear that the "reorganization and personnel reshuffling" ended a month ahead of schedule and the work of the headquarters of the terrorist organization is resumed in full at the new address.

As previously reported, in 2014, Kremlin political technologist Alexander Boroday led the rebellion of separatists of the Donetsk oblast. After the formation of the administrative structures of the terrorist formation of the "DNR", he transferred power to Alexander Zakharchenko and returned to Russia. In Moscow, Boroday created the so-called "Union of Donbass Volunteers", which is also engaged in the recruitment of militants for the war against Ukraine.