"MSS" of the "DPR" called on "a conversation" "responsible citizens": three founders of volunteer groups are expelled 02/02/2016 20:40:11. Total views 1571. Views today — 0.

The so-called "MSS" of the "DPR" "called on the conversation" four founders of one of the largest volunteer organizations in Donbass Responsible Citizens: they decided to expel three of them. It is reported by Novaya Gazeta.

In late January, he leader of the Responsible Citizens volunteer group Cherenkova Marina. On Tuesday, February 2nd Cherenkov got in touch with her colleague Evgeniy Shybalov, saying that the MSS investigators asked all members of the volunteer group "to come to talk about the activities of Responsible Citizens. "

Four founders of the organization - brothers Dmitriy and Evgeniy Shibalov, Olga Kosse and Donetsk businessman Enrique Menendez went to MSS of the "DPR" at 26, Shevchenko boulevard. Shortly before his visit to MSS, Menendez told the "Novaya", that according to the laws "DPR" local security forces could detain any person for 30 days on suspicion of committing a crime.

After a three-hour interrogation, the four volunteers were released from the building of "the MSS". Brothers Shibalov and Enrique Menéndez were ordered to leave the territory of the "DPR" in the shortest possible time. They were expelled. Olga Kosse was allowed to stay.

The wave of arrests began in Donetsk after the explosion of the monument to Lenin by the unknown on Wednesday, January 27th. The monument survived, only part of the pedestal broke off. The head of the self-proclaimed "republic" Alexander Zakharchenko demanded to find and punish those responsible, while noting that they were Ukrainian saboteurs. Besides, the "DPR" issued a decree to toughen the curfew.