“I will not forgive for another delay”. Groysman instructed to settle the situation with pension’s delays until the end of the week 07/25/2018 15:39:50. Total views 1054. Views today — 0.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman has stated that an internal investigation must be conducted within the Pension Fund of Ukraine regarding delays in pension payments in July. The Prime Minister stated this at a government meeting with representatives of the Pension Fund, the State Treasury, the Finance Ministry and the Social Policy Ministry, the government’s website reports.

"I am concerned about reports from regions that there are delays in pension payments. Personal responsibility [of the Pension Fund heads] - to fulfill obligations to retired persons and resolve the situation until the end of the week. In addition, there should be an internal investigation into the actions of the Pension Fund heads, as well as the [Fund’s] heads in the regions”, - Groysman said.

“I will not forgive for another delay. It is unacceptable to create additional problems for the people”, - Groysman said.

He noted that the state is transferring all the budget transfers in time.

“The central budget does not have any debts before the Pension Fund. We fund it fully. Take all the measures to prevent such situations. The senior citizens need respect and protection”, - Groysman stressed.

As reported, the Pension Fund stated that pension payments in July were delayed.