Russian mercenary Prilepin unabashedly admitted that he killed people 07/19/2018 14:30:18. Total views 1259. Views today — 0.

The Russian mercenary, militant and propagandist Zakhar Prilepin, admitted that he killed people in three wars. Prilepin himself told this on air of the Russian channels Dozhd during an interview with Ksenia Sobchak.

After being asked whether he killed people, the mercenary replied: "Of course I did. As a man who has participated in three wars, I certainly killed people... I did not feel anything at all, it's a job, like any other activity. Someone treats people, and someone shoots them... someone kills them".

As previously reported, Russian mercenary Prilepin had been an adviser to the leader of the "DNR", and also called himself a “deputy commander” of one of the terrorist battalions.

Terrorist Prilepin admitted that his battalion committed many war crimes. "I know for sure that in several places they were not very happy to see us. We have our own statistics on our work, but we will wait for theirs. I think we would have enough for any Hague tribunal”, - he admits. At the same time, the Russian mercenary presumptuously believes that "now even the most zealous Kyiv propagandists perfectly understand that no one will ever judge us". Even the "comrades in arms", that is, the militants of the "DNR", repeatedly noted that Prilepin’s "battalion" is an exclusively propaganda unit. The separatists assure that Prilepin and his battalion did not take part in military operations and that numerous photos "from the front" are staged or fake.