Herashchenko named Russians she wants to be swapped for detained Ukrainians 07/02/2018 16:11:19. Total views 807. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada First Deputy Chairperson Iryna Herashchenko has drawn up a list of 23 Russian citizens convicted or arrested in Ukraine, whom Kyiv agrees to turn over to Moscow in exchange for Ukrainians. OstroV’s correspondent reports Herashchenko told this information to journalists at the Verkhovna Rada on Monday.

"I would like to name the names of the Russian citizens - I have relevant permission from the competent institutions to do so - whom we are willing to turn over to Russia in exchange for the liberation of the Ukrainians. These are Russian citizens who have already been convicted for plotting terrorist attacks in Odesa, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Kherson, and Ternopil or for participating in military activities in Donbas, or those on whom judicial proceedings are under way", - she said.

The list includes Viktor Ageyev, Alexander Baranov, Anatoly Busygin, Alexander Valikhidis, Vyacheslav Vysotsky, Ruslan Gadzhiyev, Valery Gratov, Vladislav Grechin, Oleg Doronin, Sergey Yegorov, Valery Ivanov, Igor Kemakovsky, Olga Kovalis, Vasily Kusakin, Vladislav Makarov, Yevgeny Mefedov, Maxim Odintsov, Alexei Sedin, Denis Sidorov, Maxim Slivka, Pavel Chernykh, Larisa Chubarova, and Yevgeny Shatalov.

"We appeal to all possible competent representatives of the Russian Federation: take your people and give us the Ukrainians", - she said.