Poroshenko to rule out both "adventurous offensive" in Donbass and idea of capitulation 05/31/2018 18:27:53. Total views 726. Views today — 0.

President Petro Poroshenko has stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not go on the adventurous offensive in the Donbass. He said this during his visit to the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast on Thursday, - his press service reports.

"I reject two extremes on the way toward peace. Any other proposals are acceptable. The extremes about the hurray-patriotic idea of an adventurous military offensive that will require the lives of millions of Ukrainian heroes. The second idea is capitulation. Peace on Russian conditions when we have to give them Ukrainian land. As long as I am a president, we will not give a piece of Ukrainian land to anyone", - the head of state stressed during a speech at the Last Bell of the Yamnytsky Lyceum.

The President stressed that the peace did not mean surrendering Ukrainian land to the Russian enemy and the aggressor. "The peace means returning the Ukrainian flag and Ukrainian sovereignty to the occupied territory of the Donbass and illegally annexed Crimea", - Petro Poroshenko added, noting that the first step towards peace is the decision of the UN Security Council on the peacekeeping mission in the East of Ukraine.

"Why is it so important?" As soon as peacekeepers from all over the world come after our invitation, the Russian occupation forces leave Ukraine, and then, we do not need any help, we will find a common language within Ukraine very quickly. If there was no aggressor state", - the president emphasized.

The head of state noted that now Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Pavlo Klimkin is in the USA at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

"The aggressor does not stop trying to destabilize the situation in the country from the inside", - Petro Poroshenko noted, recalling the recent special operation of the SBU.

"The whole world saw the true face of our enemy - they send weapons, whole trucks and money to kill Ukrainians, kill journalists and statesmen. When we caught them red-handed, they say that we are not acting that way. You should not condemn the Ukrainians, but Russia. The Ukrainians are doing their best to keep together and protect themselves. I assure you that it will always be so", - the President stressed.