"DNR" reports that "Mamay" was eliminated during the shooting for RosTV: a sound engineer injured 05/18/2018 15:57:01. Total views 904. Views today — 1.

The "DNR" propagandists report that a film crew of Russian television worked at the time of liquidation of commander of the terrorist Pyatnashka battalion Oleg Mamiyev.

This is stated in the message of Inside Donetsk separatist Telegram-channel. It is noted that as a result of allegedly shelling by the AFU, a sound engineer of the Russian TV channel was wounded.

"The details of wounding of VGTRK sound engineer Igor Uklein in Donbass have become known. VGTRK camera crew was in the zone of military operations in the area of Avdiivska industrial zone (promka) when the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire from automatic grenade launcher (AGS-17). As a result of the grenade explosion, Oleg Mamiyev (the commander of the Pyatnashka battalion with the callsign "Mamay") died and sound engineer Igor Uklein was seriously contused. Igor was hospitalized in the hospital named after Kalinin", - the report said.