PMC Wagner's mercenary recognized that Russian saboteurs in Donbass subordinated to "non-local structures" 05/15/2018 12:57:07. Total views 915. Views today — 0.

Mercenary of PMC Wagner Yevstafiy Botviniov has admitted that Russian saboteurs and leaders of the "republics" in Donbass subordinated to "non-local structures". He said this in an interview with Ridus.

"When the war began, we, a group of volunteer experts, organized in Russia and contacted each other. On May 23, I arrived in Donetsk, on May 28 we were here, near Donetsk, successfully attacked the 25th Airborne Brigade near Amvrosiivka. Our group included four experts, we also took with us eight militiamen, that is, brought the group to 12. I also trained soldiers of the Russian Orthodox Army, combat engineering in particular", - the mercenary stated.

"Then the local wrangles began, it ceased to be interesting and we moved to Luhansk. We were based on the territory of Zaria (battalion headed by former head of the "LNR" Igor Plotnitsky - ed.), but were not part of the unit, operated as a separate group. We did not subordinate to Plotnitsky. Let's say we, Wagner and Plotnitsky obeyed the same person. This person had nothing to do with local structures", - Botviniov admitted that the war that began in the Donbass was not a civil conflict. "In Luhansk, there was certain Andrey subordinated to Dima (Wagner – OstroV) whom we obeyed whom Mr. Plotnitsky obeyed. And I know who Andrey is", - he speaks about the leader of all the bandit formations in the east Ukraine in a lax way.

At the same time, the saboteur makes no secret of the fact that the leadership of Russian Spring was carried out precisely from Moscow: "I want to recall that Comrade Wagner was awarded the Order of Courage for the actions of his group in Ukraine (in the Crimea and in the Donbass – OstroV)".

According to the member of Wagner, Russian mercenaries were paid handsomely for the aggression against Ukraine. "A common soldier in Luhansk received a salary of about $2900 per month", - Botviniov admits.