Residents of occupied Donetsk complain of a rise in prices for fuel 05/08/2018 17:34:37. Total views 782. Views today — 0.

The inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk complain of a rise in prices for fuel, or even a fuel deficit. They write about this in social networks:

"On Svobody Square the situation with fuel and lubricants is very bad. By the way, it's like that all over Donetsk. The prices have been increased, but if you look for it, you can find some fuel",

"I saw the prices on a petrol station… A-95 costs 50! A-92 costs 48! This is something! Wtf..."

"So, we are waiting for the tariff increase...!",

"We are waiting for when they write about this in the newspapers. We hesitate to think about this…what if we think wrongly?",

"They have already written the same about diesel oil. Everything is in stock, but they do not sell it for cash",

"Asi has not had petrol for a week and a half already, and my husband looked for the fuel for a long time".


Fuel prices are in rubles.