EU Court lifted sanctions against Azarov, Arbuzov and other members of the Cabinet of Ministers at Yanukovich times 01/28/2016 15:02:38. Total views 1523. Views today — 0.

EU handed down a decision, according to which sanctions against N.Azarov, A.Azarov, S.Arbuzov and E.Stavitskyi must be lifted. It is reported by Evropeiska Pravda referring to the text of the decision, made public by the EU Court of Justice today.

It is noted that the Court of the European Union, located in Luxembourg, handed down a decision on the combined case "Nikolay Azarov and Alexey Azarov against the European Council", as well as on Sergey Arbuzov and Euard Stavitskyi.

The Court found that officials could not be subjected to sanctions only for the fact that a preliminary investigation on their actions started in the third country.

Consequently, without exception, the assets of these persons, that were arrested in the EU, should be "unfrozen". The court's decision is not final, losing party can appeal against it.