"LNR" propagandists themselves exposed their fake about medical Ural disabled by AFU (PHOTO) 04/03/2018 13:44:43. Total views 954. Views today — 0.

Information of the "LNR" propagandists that the AFU anti-tank missile destroyed medical Ural, carrying a seriously ill fighter, was a gross falsification and provocation. This follows from the analysis of reports of the separatist media themselves, including pseudo-official "reports".

It all started with the report of a really non-existent "representative office of the LNR" in the JCCC. It noted that on April 1, "Ural evacuation vehicle was destroyed by a shot from ATGM, carrying out transportation of a seriously ill serviceman of the People's Militia of the LNR (a militant of the illegal military formation – OstroV) to a medical facility.

Shooting of a medical vehicle is considered to be the gravest war crime, so one would expect that the scene will at least be photographed. One could expect photos of evacuation of three "seriously injured" servicemen from the damaged Ural. However, all accusations against the Ukrainian party were reduced to unfounded claims.

Apparently, the lack of evidence and photo/video confirmation of the "war crime" embarrassed even some "politicians" of the quasi-republic, so the next day, April 2, separatist media spread the statement of salaried misinformer Andrey Marochko that "Kyiv security forces continue to shell the area of disruption of the medical vehicle of the People's Militia of the LNR near the village of Nyzhnie Lozove for the second day, not allowing to evacuate the damaged equipment".

All fine and dandy, but on April 3, the "official" report of the fake representative office of the "LNR" in the JCCC said that there were no fire violations from the AFU for the past day!

Thus, the militants themselves confirm that Marochko's statements about the continuous bombardment on April 2 of the destruction site of the medical vehicle are a lie. On April 2, no one from the Ukrainian party fired at the territory of the occupied Luhansk region.

Eventually, photos, allegedly, from the scene of the crime appear in separatist media. However, instead of confirming the statements of Marachko and Co., they further prove that the whole story is nothing more than a provocation. First of all, the credulous readers are offered a photo of several bloodied bandages and a snow-white bandage with a picture of a red cross as a "proof". Where and when this photo was taken is unclear, as well as what exactly it is called to prove.


The second photo allegedly shows medical Ural destroyed by the fire of the AFU. But first of all, if the bloodied bandages are allegedly photographed at the scene, then the vehicle is photographed from afar, through the trees. The focus is on trees, the car behind them turned out to be out of focus. Nothing can be examined in the picture, except the fact that the truck presented by the "DNR" propagandists is not medical. It is a sided Ural intended for the transport of personnel, under no circumstances falling under the category of evacuation transport.


This is how the real military medical Ural looks.