"DNR" leader told Putin how he was not allowed to vote for him, but he prayed 03/19/2018 16:44:55. Total views 1135. Views today — 1.

The "DNR" leader Alexander Zakharchenko has stated that he congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his victory in the March 18 election. The text of "congratulation" is posted on the "official" website of the militant.

In it, Zakharchenko hinted to Putin that residents of the occupied Donbass were also ready to vote for him, but Russia did not recognize the "DNR".

"Residents of the Donetsk People's Republic have not yet participated in the Russian presidential election in connection with our unrecognized status", - the leader of the "republic" wrote.

At the same time, he assured Putin that "everyone was quite worried about you and prayed that Russian people made the right choice".

Zakharchenko made several awkward compliments to the Russian president in his "congratulation". "Under your leadership, Russia, like a phoenix (with a lowercase letter – OstroV), rose from the ashes of the 90s and returned to the concert of world powers. And we believe that together with Russia, the topic of a just world order will return to world politics because the beginnings of conscience, freedom and justice lie at the very foundation of the Russian civilization", - the "DNR" leader wrote.

The "official" website of leader of the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast does not inform what "diplomatic" channels will convey Zakharchenko's ornate congratulation to Vladimir Putin.

Separatist media, reporting that the "head" congratulated his "colleague", timidly omitted two paragraphs of the text about the experiences of Zakharchenko on the impossibility to support the candidacy of Vladimir Putin with his voice, prayers for the right choice of Russian people and return of Russia "to the concert".