Occupants in Donbass try to hide presence of Russian citizens in militants' ranks 03/07/2018 16:52:38. Total views 1220. Views today — 0.

The command of occupation forces in the Donbass takes additional measures to conceal the Russian military presence. This was stated at a briefing by speaker of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on the issues of ATO Colonel Dmytro Hutsuliak.

"According to the intelligence headquarters of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the command of occupation forces takes additional measures aimed at concealing the Russian military presence in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, including in order to prevent documented confirmation of the Russian citizenship of servicemen, who may be captured or transferred to the side of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies", - Hutsuliak stated.

According to him, this is due to the case of taking Russian citizen Nikolay Pokusayev prisoner on March 4 this year.

"In particular, any documents that may indicate the Russian citizenship or belonging to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are being seized from the so-called servicemen of the so-called units of the 1st and 2nd army corps of the Russian occupation forces on a rush basis on the order of the Russian command", - he noted.