Number of "captives of the Kremlin" in Crimea increased to 64 people - Ministry of Information Policy 02/20/2018 15:39:53. Total views 1166. Views today — 0.

The number of political prisoners in the occupied Crimea has increased to 64 people. This was stated today at a press conference by First Deputy Minister of Information Policy Emine Japarova, - RBC-Ukraine reports.

"Unfortunately, the number of political prisoners, as we call them, captives of the Kremlin, prisoners of conscience, increases with each passing month… These are 64 political prisoners", - Japarova stated.

She also noted that some of the prisoners are now in jail, other have already received the verdicts of the so-called "courts".

According to Japarova, the Day of the Crimea Resistance to the Russian occupation may be introduced on February 26 in Ukraine at the official level. The corresponding draft decree is now in the Presidential Administration.