Odessa Mayor was greeted with applause and shouting "to resign!" at City Council session 02/16/2018 14:40:37. Total views 889. Views today — 0.

The mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov has arrived at the session of the Odessa City Council on Friday, where he was greeted with applause and shouting "Trukhanov to resign", - Interfax-Ukraine reports.

The deputies greeted the Mayor with storm of applause. At the same time, several dozen activists, who entered the hall where the session was held after short wrangles with the municipal guard, began to chant "Trukhanov to resign!". Their cries were drowned out by the anthem of Ukraine. After the hymn, the activists stopped chanting the slogan, and Trukhanov started the session.

He noted in his opening remarks that he intends to work constructively with the bodies of pre-trial investigation, and expressed confidence that this work would end positively.

As previously reported, the Solomianka District Court of Kyiv chose a pre-trial restriction for Odessa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov on February 15. He was discharged on bail of people's deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc Dmytro Holubov.

On February 13, the NABU confirmed the suspicions of the Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov and 3 officials of the Odessa City Administration under the article on appropriation of property. According to the investigation, the amount of damage caused to the state as a result of the criminal scheme is almost $7 million.