SBU intimidates old people in the "DNR", going for a pension in free Ukraine, with detention 02/09/2018 12:33:09. Total views 884. Views today — 0.

Pensioners in the "DNR", leaving for a pension in free Ukraine, are being intimidated with possible detention by Ukrainian special services. Daria Morozova, self-described as the "DNR human rights commissioner", reported the alleged mass facts of such "detentions".

She stated that "a denunciation, a post published in social networks or any disapproval of actions of the Ukrainian authorities" could be the reason for the detention.

"The arrests of pensioners that cross the line of demarcation to receive social payments and pensions have become more frequent", - Morozova said.

At the same time, the "human rights activist" did not provide any case of real detention by Ukrainian law enforcers of pensioners leaving the occupation zone. No one writes about such facts in social networks as well.4