"DNR" confirmed that it carries out a covert mobilization 02/02/2018 16:26:07. Total views 1473. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" held "military training of reservists", whom Russian and local media persistently call "volunteers".

A Russian TV channel has shown how the "DNR" "wants peace, but is preparing for war". According to the journalist, the military is testing the mobilization system on the "volunteers who are registered in the enlistment offices", because, as the television channel says, in the event of an aggravation of the situation, it will be the volunteers who "will rush from all over the world to protect the Donbass".

In fact, as OstroV previously reported, Zakharchenko is conducting an accelerated preparation of the mobilization resource. Apparently, his curators from the Russian Federation no longer have to choose between the quality and the number of people needed to compensate for mass desertion in the special garrisons of the "DNR", where in certain parts the lack of officers reaches from 40% to 70%.

Actually, this is directly written in the order of the "head of the DNR" of January 24, 2018 On the organization of reservist training: "in order to timely fill in the losses in military units during the intensification of the military threat".

It is interesting that many provisions of this document must be implemented... by January 24, that is, on the day when the order was issued. By the way, it was published on the "official" website of the "DNR" only on February 1, after the uproar about the "training of reservists". Most likely, this "order" was written as an afterthought, and its drafters did not realize that the date of publication of the document and the date of execution of most of its provisions cannot coincide.