Conflict with Russia can become inevitable – Head of the British Army 01/29/2018 13:39:29. Total views 821. Views today — 0.

The conflict with Russia may be inevitable, despite the efforts of the civilized world aimed at the peaceful resolution of disputes. This was stated in London by the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Great Britain, General Sir Nicholas Carter, - Ukrinform reports.

“Our generation has become used to wars of choice since the end of the Cold War - but we may not have a choice about conflict with Russia - and we should remember Trotsky’s dictum, that: “you may not be interested in war but war is interested in you”. So, what should we be doing differently? First of all, I think we should recognize that Russia respects strength and people who stand up to them“, - said Carter.

The original plan for Ukraine had been to acquire significantly more terrain. However, Russia was surprised by Ukrainian resistance and had to settle for less.

General Sir Nicholas Carter suggested to Identify Russian weaknesses and then maneuver asymmetrically against them.

“First and foremost, perhaps we should be in the business of building real institutional capacity in neighbouring states so that they have the strength and confidence to stand up to Russia and the internal resilience to withstand pressures designed to bring them down from within”, - he stated.

“We should be making more progress on reducing energy dependency on Russia. We should be telling the Russian population what is really going on. We should be protecting our critical capabilities; hence the importance of cyber. And we should be looking to identify our own vulnerabilities to Russian malign influence and disinformation, and act to reduce them”, - General Carter said.