The "DNR" head forbade public sector workers to go to free Ukraine against acknowledgement 01/15/2018 14:47:40. Total views 855. Views today — 0.

All residents of the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast are prohibited from leaving the territory controlled by the terrorists of the "DNR". Local residents reported this in social networks, referring to the unpublished "decree" of the militants’ leader Alexander Zakharchenko.

It is noted that telephone messages concerning the restriction of travel outside the occupied territory were sent to employees of "state enterprises" and enterprises of municipal ownership.

First of all, they were sent to the occupation authorities, as well as schools and hospitals. Employees of budgetary organizations must put a personal signature confirming that they are familiar with the ban on leaving the occupied territory to visit free territory of Ukraine. There also were posts in social networks, that there had already been cases when militants refused to let some people cross the line of demarcation at their checkpoints.

At the same time, there is no corresponding "decree №363 of December 15" of Alexander Zakharchenko on the website of the so-called "DNR".