Day of the occupant. Presidential elections in Russia were appointed for the anniversary of annexation of the Crimea 12/15/2017 13:00:03. Total views 892. Views today — 4.

The Federation Council has announced the appointment of presidential elections in Russia on March 18, 2018. All 160 senators, who participated in the meeting on December 15, voted for the relevant decision, - Meduza reports.

The decision of the Federation Council will be published and will come into force on December 18 —exactly three months before the elections.

The elections in 2018 had to be on March 11 — on the second Sunday. But a year before, the State Duma proposed to postpone the voting for a week, so that it coincided with the anniversary of annexation of the Crimea.

On March 18, 2014, Russia and the Crimea, annexed by it, signed a "treaty" on joining of the republic, including Sevastopol, the Russian Federation.