The "Ministry for State Security of the LNR" found a "witness" who told how Plotnitsky headed "Ukrainian saboteurs" 11/24/2017 14:27:23. Total views 814. Views today — 0.

The so-called "Ministry for State Security of the LNR" published the video of the Zarya battalion militant, who directly accused former combatant Igor Plotnitsky of leading a network of Ukrainian saboteurs in the illegal armed formations of the republic.

On the video, a man who called himself Vitaliy Vorotilin, says that with the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass he joined the ranks of the Zarya battalion, emphasizing that the battalion commander was then the current head of the “LNR”, Igor Plotnitsky.

Then the "witness" names and callsigns of a number of militants of the Zarya battalion. He said, that sometimes they went away from the location of the unit, after what the Ukrainian army allegedly fired battalion positions, kindergartens and markets. According to Vorotilin, one day his new friends came to his house and honestly confessed that "they are working for the special services of Ukraine".

"I got the impression that the Zarya battalion was a smithy of saboteurs who directly worked for the special services of Ukraine", - sums up Vorotilin.

Igor Plotnitsky commanded Zarya terrorist battalion from May 2014.