"Legitimate" Plotnitsky accused Kornet of attempting a coup: "It is time to end this" 11/22/2017 12:49:01. Total views 877. Views today — 0.

The leader of the "LNR" Igor Plotnitsky appeared on the air of "state-owned" TV channel of the "republic" and stated that the "Minister of the Interior" Igor Kornet, dismissed by him, had attempted a coup and would be trounced for this. He said this during a so-called working meeting with the acting "Minister of the Emergency Situations" and the acting "Minister of the Interior".

"As I understand, the outrage (of power - OstroV) was due to the fact that the experts of so-called Kornet interfered. So look… all these insinuations, it is time to end this: Kornet, speeches… There is a law. Therefore, frankly speaking, it seems to me that we underestimated the number and components of, let us say, offenses… crimes, committed by the former Minister of Internal Affairs, because to go on such a venture as attempt of a coup… seizure of power… There is much more behind it", - he commented yesterday's events in Luhansk.

Plotnitsky told the "Prosecutor General's Office" to deal with this issue, and the "MIA" - to establish order in the city.

On Tuesday, an attempted coup took place in occupied Luhansk: the fake "Interior minister" Igor Kornet brought armed people and equipment to the streets, refusing to recognize the "decree" of the "LNR" leader Igor Plotnitsky about his resignation. According to the media reports, troops from the neighboring "DNR" came to help the rebel.