Putin instructed to legislatively regulate legal status of residents of the fake "DNR/LNR" - United Russia website 11/14/2017 17:09:04. Total views 755. Views today — 0.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has instructed to regulate the legal status of Ukrainian citizens living in the territory of the so-called DNR and LNR until November 20. This is stated on the website of the ruling United Russia party.

It is noted that the Council of the Federation Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building held a working meeting concerning "Issues of the legal status of citizens of Ukraine who reside in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as who are engaged in labor activities in Russia".

According to the party's website, the issues of legal status of citizens (unrecognized by no one, including by Russia – OstroV) of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics on the territory of the Russian Federation was the priority of discussion".

In particular, Valentina Kazakova, the deputy head of the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs of the MIA of the Russian Federation, noted that almost 50% of persons, acquiring citizenship, are residents of Ukraine, including of the "LNR" and the "DNR".

"So, it is necessary to find opportunities for legislative regulation of their legal status", - she stated.

In turn, deputy chairman of the Council of the Federation Committee Ludmila Bokova stated that "the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the authorities to analyze the situation and take all necessary measures until November 20 this year".

As one such measure, the bill on abolition of labor patents for residents of the "LNR" and the "DNR" or the so-called "full migration amnesty" for residents of the Donbass, occupied by pro-Russian militants, was presented at the meeting.

According to the bill, "migration amnesty" should provide residents of the "DNR/LNR" with "passports" of pseudo-republics the right to stay indefinitely and the right to work (without the need for obtaining a labor patent) in the territory of the Russian Federation.