Information about the awarding of deputy head of the General Staff of the Russian Federation with watch disappeared from the "DNR" website 11/13/2017 11:49:56. Total views 925. Views today — 0.

The order of the "DNR" leader Alexander Zakharchenko on awarding deputy head of the General Staff of Russia Sergey Istrakov has disappeared from the "official" website of the pseudo-republic. This is reported by Conflict Intelligence Team independent investigation group.

Earlier, the Twitter user @666_mancer drew attention to the order of the "DNR" leader Alexander Zakharchenko on awarding Sergey Istrakov with watch "for strong personal contribution to the formation and development of the Donetsk People's Republic". The message was posted on the "official" website of the pseudo-republic and dated October 19, 2017.

The "DNR" authorities tried to destroy all the references to this "decree". Separatist media amicably voiced the official version that, allegedly, this information is the intrigues of the SBU and "another provocation" of Ukraine. However, the cache of search systems confirms the fact of publication of the "document" No 337 on awarding.

Commander with the name Sergey Istrakov holds the post of Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In 2014-2015, he headed the General Staff of the Ground Forces.

Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence called Istrakov personally responsible for conducting military operations in the territory of Ukraine. According to the department, in 2014 he, acting as chief commander of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation, was directly responsible for their readiness to carry out tasks on the territory of our country.