The court cancelled the verdict and released the border guard Kolmohorov from custody 11/06/2017 17:20:38. Total views 620. Views today — 0.

The Supreme Special Court for the Review of Criminal and Civil Cases abolished the sentence of the border guard Serhiy Kolmohorov and released him from custody. This is reported by Radio Liberty

"The court’s decision: to cancel the decision of the first instance court, release Kolmohorov from custody, send the case for reconsideration", - journalist Yana Polyanska wrote on Twitter.

The prosecutor's office asked the court to uphold the verdict of Kolmohorov. His defence asked for a review of the verdict, stating that the previous court "misinterpreted the examinations and testimony".

As previously reported, in November 2016, Prymorsky District Court of Mariupol recognized Kolmohorov guilty of murder and sentenced him to 13 years in prison. The Court of Appeal upheld the verdict.

Kolmohorov was found guilty of killing a passenger of a car fired at by a border guards at a checkpoint in Mariupol on September 9, 2014. Then the border guards ordered the driver to stop, but he did not obey. The commander of the checkpoint ordered the subordinates to shoot. As a result, the driver was not injured, and the female passenger was killed.