The Kremlin dreamer. The "DNR" promised to pay salaries of $17.2 thousand a month 10/30/2017 15:17:59. Total views 669. Views today — 0.

Up to $17.2 thousand a month. Such a fantastic forecast was made by the "Minister of Incomes and Fees of the DNR" Alexander Timofeev ("Tashkent") on the air of one of the separatist TV channels.

"From my point of view, the wages of ordinary workers, including those who work for public services, should be from $8.6 to $17.2 thousand a month...", - the "minister" stated.

He promised such salaries to "citizens of the DNR" in the foreseeable future. "Tashkent" rejected all the comments of the TV show participants that his calculations are too optimistic.

"I'm not saying that we will get it tomorrow, but this is the case when we need to set ambitious goals and objectives for ourselves, otherwise we will not get anything", - Timofeev continued to insist on the realism of such high salaries in the "republic". Companions of "Tashkent" openly laughed at him.

The fake nature of this statement does not require any special evidence, since at present, according to insufficiently reliable information of the "DNR" authorities, the average wage in the occupied territory is just $105. Wage growth of 80-160 times is impossible even with the Singapore expertise, to which "Tashkent" referred. In addition, in Russia, on whose money parasitic pseudo-state "DNR" exists, the average salary does not exceed $690 a month. The "minister" did not specify how the fake "republic" will be able to outdo its financial sponsor in 12-25 times.