It is lied in the "DNR" that people stopped standing in queues for humanitarian aid because of the growth of living standard 10/30/2017 13:20:53. Total views 721. Views today — 0.

The self-described "Minister of Income and Charges of the DNR" Alexander Timofieyev ("Tashkent") has unreasonably stated that residents of the occupied territories of the Donetsk oblast lost interest in receiving humanitarian aid, since the authorities of the "republic" managed to raise their standard of living. He told about this on the air of one of the separatist TV channels.

According to the "minister", if earlier, you could see big queues for grocery baskets, distributed by various charity organizations as humanitarian aid, on the streets, now, thanks to the care of the "republic" about the welfare of "its" citizens, there are no more those wishing to receive "humanitarian aid".

"Let us go back to the state of 14 years… Crowds of people, who stood in order to receive humanitarian aid and food. People had nothing to eat. I recall the recent past. When did you see people in queues for food last?", - he asked a rhetorical question and together with the TV show participants proudly answered him: "The problem is solved!"

At the same time, "Tashkent" intentionally did not say that the issue of humanitarian food kits was stopped in the DNR not because people ate fill, but because the occupation authorities banned the activity of all charity funds and organizations in the territories under their control. Many charity providers were expelled from the occupied territories or subjected to reprisals. As for the queuing for humanitarian aid, mentioned by Timofieyev, first of all, they were observed near the numerous points of Rinat Akhmetov's Aid Help foundation. However, in March 2017, the leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko banned the import of the most sizeable humanitarian aid, and the food, which was already imported, was confiscated by the militants.