The "DNR" decided to pay for denunciations on the Ukrainian authorities 10/17/2017 11:45:03. Total views 908. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" said that "law enforcement officers" are willing to pay a reward for valuable information about the alleged "crimes" of the authorities in the territory under Ukraine's control. This was announced today by a spokesperson for the so-called "Prosecutor General's Office" Olga Chernogor at a presentation of a project "Hot Line of Law Enforcement Authorities of the DNR", the separatist media reported.

It is noted that within the framework of this project, residents can report "crimes of Ukrainian army and occupation authorities against the peaceful population of the region, as well as receive relevant information about the criminal situation in the Donbass".

"The essence of the project is that the law enforcement authorities of the DNR are ready to pay reward for providing information, which is of special value to the law enforcement or security agencies of the Republic", - she said.

According to her, after registering on the special website of the project, the applicant automatically becomes allegedly a "public correspondent". He will be able to provide information about alleged crimes and receive a monetary reward for it.

It is noted that payments for these denunciations will be made in a way that is convenient for the applicant.

At the same time, the amount of the reward is not advertised.