The "DNR" complained that the ECHR does not accept their statements, because Donbass is Ukraine 10/11/2017 16:23:34. Total views 702. Views today — 0.

The European Court of Human Rights does not accept cases brought by the mythical "citizens of the DNR". The journalists of the separatist media were told about this by the self-proclaimed "head of the international cooperation sector of the DNR Supreme Court" Artem Golubtsov.

"Guided by the "double standards", the notorious European Court of Human Rights does not consider the cases of the DNR citizens, arguing that they refused to go to the Ukrainian courts first", - he complained.

At the same time, the "supreme judge" stated that "Ukraine independently withdrew all its judicial bodies from our (occupied - OstroV) territory, just abandoning it".

The representative of the militants did not specify that the Ukrainian courts, like all other institutions of state power, were forced to leave the region covered by the rebellion in 2014.