The "DNR" is proud that Putin did not disdain to be in the same hall with Zakharchenko 09/28/2017 12:16:35. Total views 917. Views today — 1.

The political scientists of the "DNR" are trying to present the visit of their leader Alexander Zakharchenko to the anniversary concert of Iosif Kobzon in Moscow as a signal of the possible recognition of the "republic" by the Kremlin. This was written by the Russian adviser of the leader of the "DNR" Alexander Kazakov in the social network.

According to Kazakov, this is evidenced by the fact that the concert was visited by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, despite the fact that Zakharchenko was also present in the hall.

Although the militant and the leader of the Russian Federation did not meet, the "DNR" considers this to be a landmark event.

"The very fact of Putin's appearance at the concert is more than significant... Do you really think that he did not know who was sitting in the hall?", - Kazakov writes.

The political strategist is trying to prove that Putin did not accidentally agree to be in the same hall with Zakharchenko, that this is a hidden signal about the possible recognition of the "republic".

"The leaders are always extremely attentive to the environment, even seemingly random one", - Kazakov convinces.

"Yes, Putin cannot yet officially meet with the head of the unrecognized state (after Zakharchenko's visit to the Kremlin, the hope (for recognition - OstroV) turned into a certainty), but he can publicly refute the opinion imposed by Ukraine on the head of the DNR as of a separatist and a militant".

It should be noted that Zakharchenko was not in the Kremlin, he only visited the concert hall of the State Kremlin Palace.

"The pride of Russia sits in the hall, and Alexander Zakharchenko also refers to this category, everything is fair", - Kazakov draws the conclusion.

As previously reported, on September 20, a concert dedicated to the anniversary of Iosif Kobzon was held at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow. The leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko was present there. Kobzon actively supports the militants of the Donbass.