The head of the "Central Electoral Commission of the DNR" Liagin demanded 7 million for "referendum" – Khodakovsky quotes Borodai 09/22/2017 11:27:36. Total views 781. Views today — 0.

The so-called head of the Central Electoral Commission Roman Liagin demanded 7 million from the Russian curator of Russian Spring in the Donetsk oblast for papers on holding a "referendum" to support the proclamation of a terrorist republic.

This was reported by creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovskiy in a social network.

"I heard about Liagin, the current critic of everything, from Borodai for the first time. I render our conversation almost verbatim: "Liagin has lost his mind - he demands 7 million for the referendum documents", - he quoted a dialogue with Alexander Borodai, Russian political technologist, who headed the seizure of power in the Donetsk oblast.

The currency unit of this amount of money was not named.

Then, according to Khodakovsky, Borodai ordered to have an effect on the "head of the Central Electoral Commission" through the use of force in response to this demand.

"I called the Abwehr (the self-proclaimed "deputy" commander of the "DNR" forces Sergey Zdriliuk) from Horlivka with automatic riflemen…", - the Russian told.

After the holding of "referendum", Liagin fell under displeasure of the "republic's" authorities and fled to Russia. Now he is a big critic of what is happening in the "DNR", accusing Russia of abandoning the people of Donbass in trouble and assuring that the rescue of the region is only as a part of Ukraine.