Former officers of the Crimean SBU "Alpha", who betrayed their homeland, were killed in Russia - journalist 08/30/2017 18:12:52. Total views 912. Views today — 1.

On August 28, two ex-members of the special unit of the SBU Alfa, who betrayed their oath and moved to the service of the Russian invaders, were killed in a gunfight in Dagestan during a special operation to neutralize the so-called "Khasavyurt gang". Journalist Yuriy Butusov wrote that on his Facebook page.

Earlier, the Russian edition of RIA Novosti reported that the special operation was held on the outskirts of Khasavyurt on Monday, as a result of which two law enforcement officers were killed without specifying the details.

In turn, journalist Butusov said that the killed ones were officers of the Crimean Alfa, who were declared wanted in Ukraine for desertion: lieutenant colonel Alexander Baybutlov and lieutenant colonel Denis Rakitsky from Sevastopol.

"Both traitors together graduated from the Sevastopol Naval Institute, and in March 2014 served in the SBU Special Operations Center in Sevastopol. Rakitsky was the group's commander, Baybutlov was the chief specialist of the department.

In March 2014, Rakitsky and Baybutlov refused to comply with the orders of the command, they slept with the enemy. In 2016, as a reward for betrayal, they were awarded the Medal of the Russian Ministry of Defence "For the Return of the Crimea". To check loyalty and devotion to the invaders, their unit was constantly sent to participate in punitive operations in Chechnya and Dagestan", - Butusov wrote.

He believes that this will be "an example for all traitors who thought they were choosing "the Russian world".