Journalist of Russia's propagandist TV channel will be expelled from Ukraine – the SBU spokesperson 08/30/2017 17:30:46. Total views 693. Views today — 0.

Journalist of Russia's propagandist federal Channel One Anna Kurbatova, who is reported to have been detained by the SBU Security Service of Ukraine in Kyiv, will be expelled from the country, according to an SBU spokesperson.

"Russian propagandist Anna Kurbatova will be forcibly returned to the Russian Federation", - the SBU spokeswoman Olena Hitlianska wrote on Facebook.

"Ukraine is a law-governed state, its law-enforcement agencies act exclusively within the framework of the current legislation”, - Hitlianska wrote.

"Necessary documents are now being prepared for her official expulsion. This will happen to anyone who allows himself or herself to disgrace Ukraine", - she added.

As reported earlier, Channel One reported that the SBU employees had detained its journalist Anna Kurbatova in Kyiv. Earlier, a report on the kidnapping of the journalist appeared in a running line on the TV channel "Russia 24".

Kurbatova was included in the database of the Ukrainian Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) website, which tracks separatists and war criminals, because of her anti-Ukrainian activity. In particular, she was engaged in the production of a biased news by distorting and manipulating facts.