Arrested deputy of "Tashkent" was spotted drinking in a restaurant in occupied Donetsk 07/14/2017 12:22:08. Total views 1052. Views today — 0.

Alexandr Mikhailov, the deputy of the so-called minister of incomes and fees Alexandr Mikhailov, arrested in the "DNR" on the charge of corruption, was spotted "drinking and snacking" in a restaurant in occupied Donetsk. This is reported by users of social networks, wondering how the corrupt official against whom the "republic" is actively fighting suddenly was on the street.

This situation with the embezzler of public funds was commented by Alexandr Kazakov, the adviser to the "DNR" leader.

The Russian political scientist tried to prove that "no one set Mikhailov free". It turns out that he was moved under the house imprisonment for health reasons.

"He was allowed to leave the house on two routes: for examination and to the hospital. And he went to the tavern (by the way, he was strictly forbidden to drink by doctors, but…)! Now what?", - Kazakov wrote.

In order to avoid such situations, the adviser to the "DNR" leader assures, "now he (Mikhailov – OstroV) is being watched by the convoy. He will not take the wrong turn any more".

Furthermore, he said that "Mikhailov… was being poisoned by saboteurs so much that doctors barely saved his life" and that he cooperates with the investigation and returns the money.