Terrorist Khodakovsky said that his Vostok lost 500 militants. Every eighth was killed 07/10/2017 14:15:24. Total views 890. Views today — 0.

The creator of the terrorist battalion Vostok Alexander Khodakovsky admitted that during the period of military operations against Ukraine his unit lost more than 500 people. He wrote about this on his social network page.

"From the start of the fighting in May 2014, when we all made mistakes, we lost six people. Then, when the unit (the terrorist battalion Vostok - OstroV) was finally formed, and when fighting became a war, we did not make any mistakes and did not use people as cannon fodder, but still, we lost more than five hundred people, while the number of the Vostok did not exceed four thousand. That is, we lost one-eighth!”, - the militant wrote.