Doctors have not found out yet which influenza virus strain attacks the residents of Kramatorsk. 17 people have already died 01/12/2016 12:13:16. Total views 1365. Views today — 0.

Doctors have not found out yet which influenza virus strain attacks the residents of Kramatorsk, where 17 people have already died. The chief of the health department Igor Mikhailov said about that during the staff meeting - reportsthe 6264.

According to the health department of the Kramatorsk City Council, 17 deaths from pneumonia of different etiology have been recorded in the city as of January 11th.

Today patients’ nasopharyngeal swabs were taken and sent for examination to the laboratory, which is located in Mariupol.

"Earlier laboratory, which did the analysis, was in Donetsk, now we have to send to Mariupol - said Mikhailov. – We agreed that they would start to work only as of January 11th."

Acting as the chief doctor of the Kramatorsk HIS Marina Belousova noted that the influenza virus effuses a day before person falls ill and lasts up to 7 days. Thus, the greatest intensity of viral effuse are on the first days of illness, therefore, it is important not to contact with people then.

With regard to the virus viability, then it remains active on hands for 15 minutes, on the plastic up to 2 days, on the glass up to 10 days. The main extension is air-borne way, therefore, there should be a mask regime. Representatives of the HIS ask citizens to report on violations of the mask regime by phone (0626) 41-72-10. In addition, you can get expert advice on the influenza on this telephone number as well.

To reduce the incidence of influenza daily disinfection should be carried out in transport and trade enterprises. However, as it turned out during the staff meeting, disinfection hasn’t been carried out in public transport of Kramatorsk. Though, there was the corresponding order a week ago.