Three parties got in Mariupol City Council. The overwhelming majority is from Opposition bloc 12/02/2015 13:30:53. Total views 1150. Views today — 0.

According to the election results three parties, in particular Opposition bloc, Syla lyudey and Nash kray, got in Mariupol City Council. Reported by 0629.com.ua.

So, at 2:00 Mariupol TEC announced the election results, according to which 54 of elected people entered the City Council. Three political forces Opposition bloc, Syla lyudey and Nash kray got the majority of voices and get in the city council. All of them have overcome the 5% barrier.

OB brings 45 people to the city council according to the voting of Mariupol dwellers and it is almost a complete list.

Sula lyudey will be presented in the council by 5 people and and Nash kray party by 4.
At the same time among the OB there are very well-known Mariupol dwellers, who had been repeatedly elected to the City Council. Namely: the main blower of Ilyich iron and steel works Alexander Larionov is old hand, as well as not less famous a Anatoly Sheretko from Azovstal.

Among the famous people there is a secretary of the city council Andrey Feday, Ilyich representatives Sergey Mager and Mikhail Podyablonsky.

Stepan Makhsma, the current village head of Sartana, also became a deputy.
Among the members of Syla lyudey, which took the second place in the race, the most famous newly deputy is Maxim Borodin, who was also a candidate for the position of mayor.

Nash kray will be represented in the city council by the current mayor Yury Hotlubey, as well as director of the Molodezhnyi CH Dmitry Vizenkov. The other two "lucky" ones are representatives of the towns Vinogradnoye and Talakovka.