"Ministry of Information" of the "DNR" is about to launch the "Tribunal" project with the data of Ukrainian "punishers" 01/11/2016 22:00:37. Total views 952. Views today — 0.

"The Ministry of Information, Press and Mass Media" of the "LPR" plans to launch "the Tribunal" project. This was stated by the head of the "Ministry of Information" Vyacheslav Stolyarenko, LuganskInformTsentr the separatist website reports about that.

"As one famous person said the problem has the surname and name. So, for this "the Tribunal" project will be implemented," - said Stolyarenko.

Besides, Stolyarenko emphasized that "the Tribunal" project is not equivalent to the Ukrainian "Peacemaker" website, on which information about citizens of Ukraine who are suspected of separatism and terrorism is shared.

"This is a resource that will include entirely truthful, verified and modified information. That is first-hand information,"- said Stolyarenko.

According to him, "the Tribunal" project will contain eyewitnesses’ testimonies.