The enemy sabotage-reconnaissance group, led by a Russian, was neutralized without firing a shot – journalist 06/26/2017 10:38:36. Total views 829. Views today — 1.

The enemy patrol in the occupied Donbass was destroyed exceptionally by cold weapon, without firing a single shot. This is reported by the journalist Yuriy Butusov on his Facebook.

"On June 24, soldiers of the 20th Mechanized Infantry Battalion (of the 93 brigade of the AFU – OstroV) discovered the enemy reconnaissance group which was reconnoitering our positions. Having discovered the enemy and using the element of surprise, the fighters of the 20th battalion destroyed two mercenaries with cold weapons and captured four", - he writes.

"It is a feat even by the standards of our heroic time. The battalion command recommends heroes who have displayed courage and composure, for decorations", - the journalist is sure.

As previously reported, the enemy sabotage-reconnaissance group, led by a Russian citizen, was destroyed in the ATO zone. As a result of the measures taken, four militants were detained, and two more: the commander and one of the saboteurs who maliciously resisted the fighters of the ATO forces were liquidated. Another Russian was found among the captured saboteurs. During the detention, weapons were withdrawn: PK machine gun - 2 units, Dragunov sniper rifle - 2 units, AK-74 - 2 units, RPG-26 - 1 unit.