"Theyarenotthere". More lost Russian military were detained in the Donbass 06/19/2017 17:26:27. Total views 1155. Views today — 1.

Yet another Russian servicemen were detained in the Donbass on Sunday. This was reported by Major General, deputy of the ATO head Oleksandr Razmaznin in Kramatorsk, - OstroV’s correspondent reports.

"The last detention occurred yesterday. The graduates of the St. Petersburg Medical Academy, having celebrated the Medical Worker’s Day, confused the direction and found themselves in our territory. We detain a lot (of Russian servicemen - OstroV), but we cannot talk about everything with the press. Certain structures are taking away our detainees, our task is to fight, to detain and give them away, the rest is not our business", - he said.

The Major General noted that the detention of Russian servicemen in the ATO zone occurs quite often, though such information is not given to the public. "We regularly detain (Russian military - OstroV), not every single day, but quite often", - he said.