"Everything is in a civilized way". The head of the "Supreme Court of the DPR" stated that he does not believe in his liquidation 06/12/2017 12:40:53. Total views 966. Views today — 1.

The self-proclaimed head of the "Supreme Court of DPR" Eduard Yakubovskiy stated that he does not believe the information that the leadership of the "republic" and its Russian curators prepare his physical destruction.

As previously reported, there was information in the Ukrainian media with reference to Information Resistance that the authorities of the "DPR" prepare the physical liquidation of odious leaders of various structures of the "republic", including Yakubovskiy.

"I read this publication… I could have answered briefly that this is all lies, but I want to state a little bit more again: there are… no such methods of work in the Republic. I know not a single case from 2014 when someone could even think about such an intention. All these issues are being resolved in our republic in a civilized way", - Yakubovskiy assured.

"The head of the Supreme Court of the DPR" did not remember that during the period of time he named, a number of collaborator officials were removed from their posts and put "on the basement" without charge or trial. First of all, we are talking about the former deputy head of the occupation "administration" of Donetsk Igor Ponomarenko and the "acting minister of culture of the DPR" Yuriy Lekstutis. The fake "head of the administration" of the "DPR" leader Alexander Zakharchenko Maksim Leshchenko and the former "minister" of fuel and energy of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" Aleksey Granovskiy have also been in the torture chamber. As early as 2014, the former head of the press service of the "DPR MFA" in Moscow Daria Mitina reported that three "ministers" of the "DPR" had been arrested. Furthermore, the commanders of the lawless formations Givi (Tolstykh) and Motorola (Pavlov) were physically liquidated in the DPR.