Ukrainian cruise liner through the "banana republic" was sensationally bought by a Russian - the chief editor of Cruise Inform 06/06/2017 17:39:54. Total views 1283. Views today — 0.

General Vatutin Ukrainian cruise liner which stands towards Russia through the "banana republic" was bought by a Russian. This was stated by the editor-in-chief of Cruise Inform Mikhail Arkhipov, - Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

"I know what is happening aboard — it goes to Russia. According to the terms of the contract with the new owner, I cannot name the company that bought it. It will be not just the news of the year, but a sensation for the Russian cruise market", — Arkhipov noted.

According to him, the ship came under the offshore flag of the "next banana republic", as it simplifies registration and taxation, "but the owner himself is from Russia".

As previously reported, General Vatutin Ukrainian cruise liner of the river-sea type stands towards Russia from Ukraine. There was information in the media about the flight of a ship with tourists to Rostov. However, it was reported to OstroV in the Chervona Ruta travel agency that there was no organized cruise. The last time tourists were aboard the ship in October 2013. It has not been exploited for more than 3.5 years. General Vatutin set a course for Rostov-on-Don (the Russian Federation) in connection with the change of the owner.