Activists from Donbass announced the beginning of the creation of an Alternative for the Southeast of Ukraine 05/31/2017 16:41:21. Total views 1234. Views today — 0.

Public activists from Donbass announced the launch of a process to create a political force oriented towards the pro-Ukrainian electorate of the East and South of Ukraine. The party will be called "Alternatyva". One of the members of the initiative group Yehor Firsov wrote that on his Facebook page.

In the opinion of the initiators of the creation of the party, anti-Ukrainian sentiments in the Donbass are the result of the policy pursued by Kyiv towards the region.

"Instead of conducting a full elimination of local authorities in Donbass from the separatists, and finally crushing the criminal and oligarchic clans that formed there in the early 1990s, the country's leadership decided make treaty with them", - Firsov writes.

"The state has not dealt with problematic regions before, it does not do so now, this applies not only to Donetsk and Luhansk. There is no doubt that a similar situation is preserved in Kharkiv and Odesa. The government has not introduced any meaningful plan of action for these territories. Despite the emergence of new ministries, there is no government work in the eastern regions, but the population of Donbass is actively hunted by representatives of Oppoblok, and now Rabinovich too”, - he assures.

"If there is no political force in Ukraine that can work qualitatively and systematically with the population in the southern and eastern regions (I do not take into account the fifth column) and resist the revanchism of pro-Russian forces there, it remains only to make it on my own. Now we have a small initiative group that agreed to act together. The group consists of Denys Kazansky, Mykola Malukha, Denys Kaplunov, Ruslan Kalinin, Oleksiy Mitasov and other activists... This, of course, is not yet a party, but an initiative to create a party", - Firsov says.

The initiators emphasize: "The Eastern regions have been and still are a backwater district, where neither the government nor the Ukrainian opposition is working". Unfortunately, at an unofficial level, in many party offices there is an opinion that the Donbass has no electoral prospect for them, so there is no point in spending resources and time on it. Thus a vicious circle emerges - the monopoly of the Regionals remains because others do not work with the region because "nobody will vote for them anyway". This situation entails other negative consequences. The active, pro-Ukrainian youth simply leaves the Donbass without seeing any prospects for themselves and not wanting to live there. So only “Regionals’ electorate” remains.

The working name of the new party is Alternatyva", - Firsov informs.