Militants "muscled in on" Panteleymonovka refractory plant in two days and have already let it on hire 12/30/2015 11:32:34. Total views 1231. Views today — 0.

The occupation authorities of Donetsk did not wait for the rightful owners of the "abandoned" Panteleymonovka refractory plant premises and have already let it on hire as "public property". This is evidenced by ads of the so-called "State Property Fund of the "DNR".

On December 30th the so-called "State Property Fund of the DPR" announced about a short-term lease of premises of the plant, located in Gorlovka in Panteleymonovka village.

It is significant that on December 28th these properties were considered "abandoned" and the occupation authorities simulated the search for their rightful owners. There was a special announcement of the"Fund" on this issue. Thus, two incomplete days passed between the announcement of the search for the owners "abandoned" property and the announcement of letting it on hire as a "state" property.

As reported by OstroV the "DPR" announced premises of " Panteleymonovka refractory plant" located in occupied Gorlovka "abandoned" on December 28th.