Students in the DPR are being driven to "May rallies" under the threat of deprivation of scholarships – the source 04/28/2017 13:58:20. Total views 952. Views today — 0.

Students and lecturers of the educational institutions that illegally operate in the occupied territory of the "DPR" are being forced to take part in the "labour solidarity" rallies planned for May on Victory Day and on the anniversary of the so-called referendum almost in full strength. This was told to OstroV by the residents of Donetsk.

According to them, at least 80% of students should take part in propaganda actions. This is the order of the rectors of all "universities". In case of "absenteeism" of any of the rallies, the leadership promises to deprive students of scholarship. Extra-mural student are also obliged to take part in "festivities," but since many of them serve in the "DPR" illegal military formations or occupy high posts in the occupation administration, the quota for attendance for extra-mural students is half of the payroll.

According to the source of OstroV, almost all teachers of "universities" should be at rallies. Refusers are threatened with non-payment of wages or even dismissal from work.