The OSCE SMM does not intend to leave the Donbass after the death of an observer in the occupied territory 04/24/2017 13:40:53. Total views 971. Views today — 1.

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission will continue to fulfill its mandate in the east of Ukraine despite the death of an observer in the occupied part of the Luhansk oblast. This was stated by the chairman of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine Ertugrul Apakan, - the press service of the OSCE SMM reports.

"We remain committed to fulfilling our mandate and helping to ensure peace for the people of Ukraine despite this tragedy", - he noted, calling for "a sustained ceasefire, withdrawal of weapons, full demining and a real commitment to peace".

"And I ask those responsible for mine placement to be held accountable", - Apakan said.

The chairman of the OSCE SMM to Ukraine stated that he is responding to the site today to "express his support to observers and understand the situation better".

He stressed that international unarmed civilian monitoring mission staffed with qualified specialists who "work hard to fulfill the mandate of the mission for promoting normalization and stabilization in Ukraine" and "daily risk their lives to fulfill this task" is operating in the east of Ukraine.

It was reported earlier that a car of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission had been blown up in the area of Pryshyb settlement in the territory of the CDLO on April 23, as a result of which one of the mission members was killed, 2 were taken to the hospital for further examination.

It became known later that the deceased was a medical worker from the USA. The citizens of Germany and the Czech Republic suffered wounds.