TOP-100 of the richest Ukrainians according to Focus magazine: Akhmetov is the leader, Poroshenko is on the 10th place 04/21/2017 16:29:53. Total views 5636. Views today — 0.

SCM Group owner Rinat Akhmetov topped the rating of the 100 richest people in Ukraine according to the Focus magazine as of 2016, - Interfax-Ukraina reports.

According to the magazine, Akhmetov's fortune amounted to $2.2 billion.

According to the rating, the second, third and fourth places are occupied by co-owners of the Privat group Ihor Kolomoisky ($1.2 billion) and Gennadiy Bogolyubov ($1.2 billion) and EastOne owner Viktor Pinchuk ($1.1 billion), respectively.

The owner of Kernel Group Andriy Verevsky ($871 million) rose to the fifth place from the 10th, and the previous fifth place holder, the owner of Myronivsky Hliboproduct Yury Kosyuk ($738 million) took the sixth place.

The owner of the DCH Group, Olexandr Yaroslavsky ($734 million), shifted from the sixth place to the seventh, and the owner of Ferrexpo Constantine Zhevago ($635 million) rose to the eighth from the 18th.

Ninth place is still occupied by Group DF owner Dmytro Firtash ($623 million), and the president of Ukraine and the owner Roshen Petro Poroshenko shifted to the 10th place from the eighth ($589 million).

The new participants of the rating are: co-owner of the Inter TV channel Valeriy Khoroshkovsky (20th place, $356 million), chairman of the MCG Board Pavlo Fuks (24th place, $270 million), owner and president of the Prometey Group Rafael Goroyan (65th place, $90 million), co-owner of Imexbank Leonid Klimov (71th place, $75 million), the head of Formula Smaku Olexandr Tabalov (74th place, $70 million), co-owner of the Kalinovskiy Krai Gennadiy Bobov (75th place, $69 million), the largest shareholder of Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant Georgiy Skudar (79th place, $63 million), the head and co-owner of the Kryukovo wagon plant Volodymyr Prikhodko (83rd place, $62 million).

Among the newcomers are also the former co-owner of the Skymall shopping mall Andriy Adamovsky, the owner of the Biosphere company Andriy Zdesenko, the president of the Kovalska group Olexandr Pilipenko, the head of the Atoll Holding Oleh Boyarin, the co-owners of Nemiroff Yakov Gribov and Anatoliy Kipish, the founder of the Agrospetsservis group Serhiy Tarasov, the head of the LNZ Group Dmitry Kravchenko, and the head of the Rud company Petro Rud.

Rating takes into account not only Ukrainian citizens, but also expats who have earned their major capital in Ukraine. The calculation took into account the main business assets owned by entrepreneurs. Cash received from the sale of the business for the past eight years was also included.