Rada banned the seizure of accounts of state mines 04/13/2017 14:24:50. Total views 867. Views today — 0.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has banned the seizure of accounts of state mines until January 1, 2019, - LIGA.net reports.

229 deputies voted at large for the law on the solvency restoration of state coal mining enterprises No 6212.

The law prohibits the compulsory execution of judgments on state mines and the seizure of their accounts until January 1, 2019. Execution proceedings and seizures of accounts are permitted only with consent of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy.

"This will allow the subject ministry to qualitatively prepare certain state mines for privatization, modernize the existing fund for self-repayment and find mechanisms of restructuring and debt repayment", - the author of the document, the deputy Mykhailo Bondar stated, presenting it.